Enchanted Portals: Leaked New Real live Action Trailer Copy CUPHEAD? Take your own conclusions

Enchanted Portals: Leaked New Real live Action Trailer Copy CUPHEAD? Take your own conclusions

The Enchanted Portals new trailer in REAL LIFE has arrived! Watch NOW the leaked cinema version trailer. Do you still believe it’s a Copy Cuphead game?

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We all love Cuphead and we will love Enchanted Portals when it coming out! And we all love live action too! Who watched enchanted portals kickstarter trailer, knows that! While there is no release date trailer official for this game that promises incredible adventures, we enjoy creating our creation! That’s right! We show you: Enchanted Portals live action! We take this opportunity to pay tribute in a movie version of the game trailer for its creators, Xixo Games Studio! It was very fun to made Enchanted Portals in Real Life! And we have something very common, we are also fans of Cuphead and Studio MDHR. All this comparison made with the universes of the two games is just for fun and adventure! This is not a enchanted portals gameplay. We know that Enchanted Portals is not a copy neither a ripoff. We hope you all enjoy the video and have fun, because we created it with great affection and we did our best. Xixo Games Studio already knows who has two fans here, waiting for the launch of Enchanted Portals! So, PlayEanchanted!

Did you notice the location we recorded, how every detail is very well done? Yeah! We recorded at the Hector themed Pizzeria, in the city of Gramado-RS! Their space is great and very well decorated! They were extremely kind too! Anyone interested in visiting the locations where the recordings were made, just visit this beautiful and welcoming city. They will love the city and will have no time to do everything the city has to offer!

VERY IMPORTANT: We were not paid or sponsored. The space was just kindly provided for the recordings and that was all. That is, this video was made for FREE, totally 0800, we didn’t receive anything for it. Not even pizza!! hAUHAUHUAHUA

For those who want to know more about Pizzeria Hector, look on facebook for @hectorgramado

Our special thanks are to our friend Fábio, an EXCELLENT cinematographer! The recordings were made in two hours, including setting the scene and testing frames. If it weren’t for Fábio, the video wouldn’t be so good! Thank you very much, Fábio! Congratulations! Thanks, Andy for organizing the cosplays and props. The highlight of all special effects is for PH, from Chapéu do Presto! It was very difficult to edit and make all these super laborious and beautiful effects! Congratulations, Ph !! We are all a team!

Thank you Xixo GAmes Studio for the creativity and work of making the game Enchanted Portals! We look forward to the official launch!

For those who want to keep an eye on the news of Xixo Games Studio, look on facebook for @PlayEnchanted

Many thanks to you who saw the video until the end and who values our work! Leave the like and comment below what other game you would like to see in the real version!

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Anyway, we thank everyone involved!

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Thanks for watching!
This a fake trailer!

Everyone who love Cuphead! There’s a new game very similar to Cuphead that’s taking attentions from all the legions of CupHead Fans.

The color, music and characters from this New game are great! Of course, we all love Cuphead so we like this mode of game and art.

But all this similarity is like a callling for the legions of Haters too! They are accusing of cloning, copy, etc. How you get it? It’s your own conclusion.

We from HatterHat are amazed with a so short studio, with only TWO people, got a result like that. Wonderful. Congratulations, Xixo Games Studio! We are cheering for you! ^___ ^

And you? What you think about that?

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Written by Chapeu do Presto

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