Cuphead Mario! MARIO DLC IN CUPHEAD Trailer

Cuphead Mario! MARIO DLC IN CUPHEAD Trailer

Who loves Mario and Cuphead Must see! Cuphead x Mario / Mugman x Luigi / Chalisse x Peach / Bowser x Villains and so on!
?Art book of Cuphead:?

Follow the History of Cupmario!

Once upon a time, there was a magic realm
known as the Mushroom Kingom.

Two cupheaded brothers with colorful caps spent
the days eating shrooms and breaking blocks.

They were watched over by the wise Yoshi.
A given day, the kingdom’s princess ordered a

Cake and envited Cup Mario and Mug Luigi for a party.
Without any suspicion, she ended up being kidnaped

by Bowser, who came out of the cake while she was distracted
With his crew and evil plans,

He prepared everything to welcome the brothers and rule
Mushroom Kingdom. The brothers went straight

to Princess PeachTea’s castle.
-Look, how funny is this new décor! Looks like an armored cow!

Commented Mug Luigi.
-Maybe this is some costume party kind of thing
Replied Cup Mario

Once inside, the two brothers saw the
others guests dressed as bad guys

They didn’t even suspect and went straight
to the dice rolling in a Super Mario Party game

While they waited for the princess to eat some cake.
It didn’t take long for the brothers to win at the games.

The moment one of the brothers fell in a bad luck house,
A big fat shadow was cast over the board.

It was Bowser himself.
-Hello, boys… I seems you have fallen

-In a bad luck house, in the board. But the game
Is not lost. Consider my offer:

-Win one more minigame using my special dice
And you win a hundred stars,

-Eat the cake and the Princess PeachTea will appear.
If you lose, though, you will be my servants and the

-Mushroom Kingdom will be mine forever!
Blinded by greed, Cup Mario played with Bowser’s

Cheat dice without thinking twice. A big mistake!
-Cup Mario, NO! – yelled Mug Luigi before he could

Do anything.
-Haaah! You are mine, now! And everybody here
are real bad guys!

-I kidnaped the princess – Yelled Bowser, approaching
The brothers who shook in fear.

-P-p-please, Mister! Give us, ate least fifty stars!
Begged Cup Mario while Mug Luigi was begging for

A piece of cake.
-SHUT TUP! Now you owe me a hundred thousand stars
And you must pay for them

-With a lot of hard work! I have a list of the
Runaway Toads that are stealing my stars.

-They look kinda like this. Take care of them and
Bring back the stars. And, maybe then, who knows,
I may forgive your debt.

-No go! You have three lives to finish this! – said Bowser
Kicking the bothers butts

Out of the window. Cup Mario and Mug Luigi ran away scarred.
-Come Mug Luigi! Let’s talk to

-Yoshi, the Wise. He’ll know how to solve this!
He cleaned our messes many times when we were babies.

So? Are you a Cuphead fan like us?
Take a look at the playlist here on

The screen and comment what other character
You’d like to see in a Cuphead version!

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Written by Chapeu do Presto

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