Cuphead or Sonic!? Cup sonic the hedgehog DLC IN CUPHEAD Trailer

Cuphead or Sonic!? Cup sonic the hedgehog DLC IN CUPHEAD Trailer

Cuphead x Sonic / Mugman x tails and Devil x Robotinic
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❤️Cupsonic and cuptails lived quietly in the care of wise uncle Chuck.

Until the animals of the forest and the forest itself were being turned into robots.

Cupsonic and Cuptails followed the bolt trail until they reached Eggman’s large laboratory.

?It was a scary place but they didn’t give a damn about it! When they read the sign: “Dancing Game Challenge“ they forgot everything and went to have fun.

The brothers entered the large laboratory surrounded by robots and were drawn to an arcade and dance hall.

They started to play and win many gold rings beating all the scoring records.

Behold, a shadow appeared. It was the tinik robot itself

He proposed that they win another dance game in the special arcade of the robot tinik against the metal Sonic.

?And if they won they could free all animals from cyborg life and they themselves would inherit the entire lab with all the dance video games.

⭐But if they lost both, they will be part of the robot army and will help him to dominate the whole world.

Blinded by greed Cup sonic climbs into the addicted machine before cuptails could do anything.

?MetalSonic wins in the first dance step with fatality humiliation.
Cupsonic noooooo yelled CupTails

Tinik robot grabs them both. Now you will lose your memories and your soul is mine!

Please sir how can we apologize and pay otherwise?

Robot tinik says it might be a good idea to leverage their skills for something. So go out and retrieve the rogue runaway robots. When they recover each one of them maybe I’ll change my mind.

?The two are kicked out of the lab.

Cupsonic and Cuptails run and decide to ask wise uncle Chuck for help.


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