Real Life Cuphead - Live Action! Cosplay! + Making of

Real Life Cuphead – Live Action! Cosplay! + Making of

Everyone who loves cuphead needs to watch this tribute! After many cuphead videos in several different video games, we decided to make a live action version of cuphead.
by Andy e PH

A girl walks through the city of Gramado in Brazil with her Nintendo Switch and lives an experience of walking through the drawings of the cuphead game.

Andy walks through Black Lake Park and picks up the coins (not so hidden in the bush) but it’s not enough to buy a ps5, a pc gamer or an Xbox.

After being poorly attended by the pork rind emporium, it follows the Black Lake until it enters the game and shoots the game’s sprites.

In the video you can also see a little of the creative process so that everything could happen.
It was a huge job. it takes about 2 years to do. it wasn’t perfect as we’d like but the intention was to be fun. You can be sure it was made fan to fan!

We got a lot of sprites from the internet but that doesn’t mean it was easy. We had to assemble one by one. There were more than a million layers!! What was shown was only 1% of the project. We set it up in After Effects and recorded it with our DJI Spark Drone.

The location that was recorded is beautiful. City of Gramado Rio Grande do Sul here in Brazil.

I hope you enjoyed. I invite everyone to see more Cuphead videos here on our Channel.

Written by Chapeu do Presto

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